‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ Heads to Nintendo Switch November 2018

"Diablo III Eternal Collection" Heads to Nintendo Switch November 2018

Diablo III: Eternal Collection” is bringing its addictive brand of action role-playing to the Nintendo Switch this November.

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the collection’s official release date on Thursday via Twitter, confirming the $60 package that includes the base “Diablo III” game and its expansions will debut on Nov. 2, 2018. Players can complete the extensive “Reaper of Souls” expansion, which includes new necromancer and crusader classes, Adventure mode, and a selection of other goodies.

Being that the game has been brought to a Nintendo console, it’s no surprise that this version has Nintendo-exclusive bonuses, such as Ganondorf’s armor from “The Legend of Zelda” series and a Triforce-centric portrait frame for your character. These fun extras should add an interesting Nintendo flavor to the package.

The Nintendo Switch edition includes four-player cooperative multiplayer that will allow for local play on one system or four. Players can determine how they’d like to set up their Switch systems with a mixture of handheld and docked configurations. The game can be played online if local co-op is not an option, though after Sep. 18 the Nintendo Switch’s online services will be locked behind a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

“Diablo III: Eternal Collection” is available for digital pre-order right now, though given that it’s originally released in 2012, it’s also available immediately on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.