It’s now official: “Diablo III” is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Although the story prematurely yesterday, developer Blizzard’s formally confirmed the news courtesy of a press release and a new teaser trailer shared on Thursday.

“Diablo III: Eternal Collection” is coming later this fall (or Q3, if you’re in the southern hemisphere), and will include the original “Diablo III”, plus the “Reaper of Souls” and the “Rise of the Necromancer” packs, too.

“Diablo III: Eternal Collection” will be able to support up to four co-operative players, be that via the same Switch or on four different wireless consoles, even without an internet connection. It’s also confirmed the dungeon crawler will also support the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

“Diablo III Eternal Collection” will also include special Zelda-inspired gear exclusively on the Nintendo hybrid system, including a Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, a Tri-Force portrait frame, Cucco pet, and Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings.

“Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch takes full advantage of the console’s flexibility and versatility with multiple intuitive and ultra-responsive controller configuration options,” says Blizzard. “Whether you prefer dual-wielding Joy-Cons, sitting elbow-to-elbow on the couch with your friends using a single Joy-Con each, or entering the fray armed with a Pro Controller, you’ll be able to slay your way.”

“Diablo III Eternal Collection” will retail for $59.99 when it goes on sale later this year.