Devolver Digital appears to be teasing a re-release of FromSoftware’s cult classic “Metal Wolf Chaos.”

On Friday, the publisher tweeted an image of the U.S. presidential seal, which, Polygon notes, closely resembles the one seen in the 2004 mecha shooter. Upon inspection, the bald eagle in the seal can be seen clutching a minigun in one talon and a missile in the other.

In a tweet from January of 2016, the Austin-based publisher expressed interest in giving the title a Western release, saying, “Count us in to help ‘Metal Wolf Chaos’ get out to more gamers if FromSoftware wants.” Later that day, Devolver followed up directly: “Give us a shout.”

Although it was only released in Japan, “Metal Wolf Chaos” shipped with full voice-over in English and took place in the U.S. The game’s story was somewhat prophetic in its portrayal of a 21st Century America torn apart by political and economic upheaval.

Whether Devolver’s teasing a port, full-fledged remaster, or backward-compatible release on Xbox One remains to be seen. With E3 just days away, however, we’ll likely have answers soon. Devolver’s E3 2018 press conference will take place on June 10 at 8 p.m. PT.

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