A domain was privately registered May 18 for DevilMayCry5.com, and discovered Sunday by attentive fans on a “Devil May Cry” Discord.

Though a domain registration by itself wouldn’t normally mean much, as anyone can register one, the registration is through GMO Internet, the same registrar used for other Capcom official sites for “Resident Evil 7” and  “Monster Hunter: World”.

Speculation sparked that a new installment to the action-packed series was in the works after series’ director Hideaki Itsuno tweeted in December 2017, “I am sorry that I can not present a new project last year. The development of the project is now under climax. I am making a great game so please expect it.”

Though Itsuno has also directed other series for Capcom, including the “Dragon’s Dogma” series, the timing seems right for an update to the “Devil May Cry” franchise, as the last new installment made was a reboot of the original in 2013, “DmC: Devil May Cry.”

Monday saw the update of domain registry for ResidentEvil2.com,  which hints that Capcom may soon reveal more about the upcoming remake. Little has been revealed since the HD remake was confirmed in 2015. The updated domain could be a sign that Capcom is getting ready to reveal more at E3, which takes place June 12-14.

Should E3 bring news next week confirming “Devil May Cry 5,” you can catch up by playing the first three games in the “Devil May Cry HD Collection” released earlier this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.