Capcom’s upcoming “Devil May Cry 5” is set to be a much different beast from the previous outing with Ninja Theory’s “DmC,” but according to producer Matt Walker, the team still has plenty of love for the previous game.

In an interview with VG247, Walker stressed that “Devil May Cry 5” is a “game for the fans,” noting that series diehards have been clamoring for a sequel to “Devil May Cry 4” over the past decade. “But this isn’t a slight at Ninja Theory or ‘DmC’ at all. We all love DmC,” he explained.

Game director Hideaki Itsuno has made it abundantly clear that he and the rest of the “DmC’ team worked with Ninja Theory to ensure it made a unique action game that was “just as important” as any of the rest of the games in the series. In fact, Itsuno has taken what he learned from “DmC” and applied it to design and mechanic decisions for “Devil May Cry 5,” according to Walker.

This time around, however, “Devil May Cry 5” will expand further on the combat precedents set in the first four “Devil May Cry” games. But with all the focus on the previous games and appreciation for the titles that came before, protagonist Nero has still gotten something of a redesign. His hair has been trimmed considerably, and he looks like a much different person in the announcement trailer that debuted during E3 2018.

Producer Matt Walker imparted to VG247 that director Itsuno had meant for the “Devil May Cry 4” star to look like a “sports star at the top of their game,” and someone that could potentially take on “anything,” hence his shorter hairstyle and confident demeanor. He’s even got a new color palette, as well as the most noticeable change: his mechanical limb that’s replaced his demonic arm, the Devil Bringer.

“You’ll find that there are both gameplay and story reasons for why Nero’s Devil Bringer has now been replaced by Nico’s patented Devil Breakers – you’ll get a chance to see more of that at Gamescom,” said Walker.

“Devil May Cry 5” is currently targeting a 2019 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be the first mainline entry in the long-running action-adventure hack and slash series since “Devil May Cry 4” in 2008.