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‘Destiny 2’ Players on PS4 to Get Exclusive Strike With Warmind Expansion

When “Destiny 2” expansion Warmind launches on May 8, PlayStation 4 players will get an exclusive new strike called the Insight Terminus, developer Bungie revealed Tuesday.

It apparently won’t take place in Warmind’s new region of Mars, called the Hellas Basin. Instead, guardians will help the Titan Zavala invade an alien stronghold on Nessus, where the Cabal are trying to take over old Vex technology.

Here is Bungie’s full description of the strike:

“Zavala needs a team of guardians to break into a Vex tomb on Nessus that has been overrun by the Cabal. Defeat the powerful Psion commander before he can take over the Vex gateway network and reap the rewards.”

Additionally, PS4 owners will get a new set of armor for each of “Destiny 2’s” playable classes: Titan, Hunter, and Warlock.

There’s no word yet on when this content will come out, according to GameSpot, but publisher Activision Blizzard has confirmed it will be exclusively on PS4 until “at least fall 2018.”

Bungie shared a ton of new info about the Warmind expansion Tuesday during a Twitch live-stream. We now know its story will involve a long-lost guardian named Ana Bray, the Clovis Bray corporation, and the artificial intelligence Rasputin. It will also add a new public arena event called Escalation Protocol. It’s a horde mode that tasks players with defeating waves of increasingly difficult enemies before time expires.

Finally, Bungie detailed the changes coming to “Destiny 2’s” player vs. player Crucible mode. Starting with Season 3, there will be Crucible ranks and private matches, features the “Destiny” community has long asked for. Bungie is also giving “Destiny 2” players access to all Crucible maps, but they’ll still have to buy the expansion to use the new Warmind maps during private matches.

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