Destiny 2” is getting a new mode this fall that’s “a whole new style of play for a first-person shooter,” publisher Activision Blizzard teased during a recent call with investors. It will reveal more details about it during E3 next month.

“It’s a really exciting development,” said Activision Blizzard president and COO Collister Johnson. “It’s one of the things that we feel really speak to the community when it comes out in the fall, and we’re really excited to share more about that.”

Johnson’s tease was part of a response on how the publisher plans to “fix” “Destiny 2.” While the online shooter seems to be doing well financially, it’s been mired in controversy since launch. Fans hated changes to the game’s armor shaders, became irate when developer Bungie tried to wall off content, and raged over its Eververse microtransaction system, forcing Bungie to make changes.

Now, Johnson said Activision Blizzard is planning three ways to improve the game: giving the player more power, providing more rewards, and making the endgame more meaningful. It recently invited members of the “Destiny” community to a summit, where they could test out new features and content, and Johnson said there was “a very positive response to the three things I just mentioned, the power and the rewards and the need for endgame.”

“One of the best parts about ‘Destiny’ is just how passionate and engaged that community is,” Johnson said, “and the bright side of that is it gives us the chance to really build and iterate upon the feedback.”

“Destiny 2’s” next big expansion, “Warmind,” comes out May 8. It adds an all-new story campaign, a new region, Crucible ranks, and more.