Destiny 2” developer Bungie will soon let players try out experimental player versus player content via a new feature called Crucible Labs, it revealed in an update post Wednesday.

Crucible Labs will be part of the upcoming 1.2.1 update, Bungie said. It will give people a peek behind the scenes and let them be a part in the creative process, the developer said, and it will reveal more about the feature before it launches.

Other content is scheduled to arrive in September, and Bungie said it will share more about that in the coming months, along with its year two plans for “Destiny 2.” In the meantime, it’s planning to release Prestige modes this summer, something fans have long asked for. It’s also bringing back bounties, providing quality of life fixes, and more. Additionally, Bungie said it’s launching a new seasonal event called “Solstice of Heroes,” where players can celebrate their accomplishments and earn rewards.

Bungie recently added Crucible ranks and private matches to “Destiny 2.” Like Prestige modes, they are features the community has long requested. Starting with season three, which began on May 8, Bungie also decided to give access to all new Crucible maps to all players so they’ll have an easier time finding matches. People still need to buy new downloadable content to use maps in private matches, though.

Warmind, which also launched on May 8, added an all-new story campaign focused on the A.I. Rasputin, a new endgame activity called Escalation Protocol, a new raid called Spire of Stars, and more.