Metroidvania-Style Adventure ‘Dead Cells’ Debuts Digitally This August

Metroidvania-Style Adventure ‘Dead Cells’ Debuts Digitally

Motion Twin’s roguelike-Metroidvania hybrid title “Dead Cells” has been dated for an August 7, 2018 release. The game will launch digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this fall, as it finally leaves Steam’s Early Access program.

“Dead Cells” finds players taking on the role of the Prisoner, a humanoid protagonist with a flame where their head should be. The Prisoner doesn’t speak, and is in fact immortal, as their head always manages to find its way back to the beginning of the game’s prison areas. The game does heavily feature permadeath, weapon upgrades, enemies that become more powerful as you progress, and all the tools to keep you coming back for more even when death is imminent.

There will be 13 levels available at launch, with 4 unique bosses and 80 weapons and skills with which you can keep them at bay. In addition, there are 4 special powers available for use to unlock additional areas and paths, as well as a Daily Run Mode with leaderboards on PC to show others your “Dead Cells” prowess.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the roguelite-inspired adventure, you’ll receive 20% off the game’s price tag on consoles, with pre-orders live now. It will remain $24.99 on PC. Nintendo Switch owners can pre-order “Dead Cells” as of July 18. With no launch discount planned, this will be the only opportunity for those playing on console to receive a discount ahead of its debut.

Nearly 1 million copies have already been sold on PC during the game’s time as a Early Access title, and this tantalizing discount will likely see that number grow. There’s no word just yet on a physical release for “Dead Cells,” but that could always change in the future.