Dark Eclipse” will be the first multiplayer online battle arena type game for the PlayStation VR when it releases on Sept. 25, developer Sunsoft announced Wednesday.

While it will have the MOBA elements adored in popular games like “League of Legends” and “Dota 2,” “Dark Eclipse” will also have real-time strategy elements and boasts an “easy-to-learn control scheme that allows players to drag and drop characters” which seems ideal for quick strategy change-ups.

“Dark Eclipse” will be completely free-to-play, and can be played using a dualshock or PlayStation move controller.

The game universe, Oldus, was once “peaceful and prosperous” before natural disasters ravaged the land and an eternal darkness, called Dark Eclipse, took over. Players will choose whether to fight to save or end Oldus.

Shohei Sakakibara, a producer and project leader at Sunsoft, commented on the studio’s excitement for the new game.

“With 40 years in the business, we’ve seen many gaming trends come and go, but few have been as exhilarating as VR’s expansion and mainstream acceptance,” said Sakakibara. “Everyone at Sunsoft is enamored with this type of quick, strategic, multiplayer gameplay, so we brought our passion for the genre and combined the best characteristics of VR, MOBAs and RTS games into ‘Dark Eclipse,’ a game that’s both familiar and eye-catchingly innovative.”