Three Fields Entertainment, an independent British studio led by ex-Criterion Games founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, announced on Thursday it’s working on two new racing titles.

The first game is called “Danger Zone 2” and it’s coming to Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in July for $20. It involves driving vehicles at high speeds into traffic to cause as many crashes as possible. But, unlike the first “Danger Zone,” the sequel takes place on real public roads instead of test zones. It also features realistic physics and 26 single-player levels set across 17 unique locations. Both games are apparently inspired by the Crash mode found in Criterion Games’ “Burnout” franchise.

“Each game we make builds from the previous one and is a stepping stone to the next. We are really excited about the next two games we have coming up,” said Sperry in a press release. “‘Danger Zone 2’ is a significant step up from the first game with lots more driving including drifting and boosting, a variety of objectives, brand new vehicles and even more spectacular crashes.”

The second project is a brand new IP called “Dangerous Driving. It’s a closed track competitive racing title featuring boosts, takedowns, and “the biggest car crashes seen in a racing game to date.” It comes out sometime this winter. Three Fields will apparently host regular live streams for fans who want a glimpse into the development process.

“We’re taking all that we’ve learnt to develop our most ambitious title to date,” said Ward. “‘Dangerous Driving’ gets me back to making arcade racing, the kind of software I am most passionate about.”