‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Series Dissects Pivotal Moments From E3 2018 Trailer

'Cyberpunk 2077' Series Dissects Pivotal Moments From E3 2018 Trailer

CD Projekt Red is breaking down the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 trailer frame by frame in a bid to help players decode some of the clues hidden within. In the developer’s new online series, which receives a new entry every couple of days on the official “Cyberpunk 2077” website, there’s a frame from the trailer and a blurb that offers additional insight into that particular scene. There have been three “episodes” released to date, with the newest debuting today.

Nearly an hour of gameplay was shown off to journalists at E3 2018, but for those who weren’t privy to the meaty chunks of footage shown behind closed doors, these factoids should help prospective players piece together more of the narrative that the developer is currently working on weaving together.

The first scene of the trailer introduces the game’s setting of Night City, an “independent megacity” in the Free State of California that’s completely run by corporations. Night City isn’t governed by U.S. or even California law, originally conceived as the “best city in the world.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to live up to its full potential once corporations took over and fractured the city with conflicts and gang wars.

The next episode introduces a scene where a human trains with a robotic boxing partner, with commentary expanding on society’s dependence on technology, from camera drones to automated trash collectors and everything in between. The citizens of Night City rely on their robotic allies for everyday tasks, right down to public transportation vehicles that can even communicate with one another on the fly.

Finally, the latest episode revolves around the social structure in Night City and the lies fed to its citizens by way of advertisements and other social engineering, pushing those who live there to dream big. Those who live in the city are forever a part of the rat race, dreaming big so they can enter the high rise apartments and “look down” on the common folks in the street. Constantly being pushed to live a life of excess and luxury, Night City’s denizens are forever looking for ways to access the technology that can make their dreams come true.

These peeks into the world of “Cyberpunk 2077” are quite illuminating, and it looks like we’ll be privy to several more details as these episodic installments roll out. The ambitious first-person shooter with varied RPG elements is an expansive project with much to offer fans, and acts as CD Projekt Red’s follow-up to the critically-acclaimed “The Witcher 3.”

Currently, there’s no projected release date for “Cyberpunk 2077,” as CD Projekt Red has stated it’ll be heading out to consumers “when it’s ready.”