‘Crackdown 3’ Gets February 2019 Release on Xbox One and PC

Crackdown 3 Commander Jaxon
Microsoft Studios

Microsoft announced a worldwide release date for “Crackdown 3” during Saturday’s X018 event.

At the global Xbox celebration, “Crackdown 3” character Commander Jaxon ran down what players can look forward to when the game hits Xbox One and PC on Feb. 15, 2019. The frenetic footage showcased superhuman abilities, neon-tinged arenas, and an impressive array of destructible environments to topple as you complete objectives.

The new multiplayer mode Wrecking Zone made its debut at X018 as well, where two five-player teams work to defeat the other with a selection of superpowers abilities and powerful weapons, as seen in the latest trailer.

Microsoft Studios senior creative director Joseph Staten demonstrated the game’s 10-person PvP mode Agent Hunter on the Blackout Zone map, which attendees at Xbox FanFest: Mexico City can try out via hands-on sessions over the weekend.

“Crackdown 3” invites players to infiltrate an open-world playground in which Agents are tasked with reclaiming the futuristic metropolis New Providence as they take out the criminal syndicate TerraNova.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play the game the same day it launches, like the rest of the Xbox exclusives available on the service, including “Sea of Thieves” and “State of Decay 2.” It’s enhanced for Xbox One X and will feature cross-play support across Xbox One and Windows 10 players with solo or two-player online co-op.