An ESRB listing for “Corpse Party: Blood Drive” for Nintendo Switch has appeared, with a “Mature” rating for the game and a listing of the game’s content as an explanation for the rating. This suggests that the horror title could indeed be getting a Nintendo Switch port.

“Corpse Party: Blood Drive” is the sequel to the survival horror title “Corpse Party: Book of Shadows” and the conclusion to the overarching saga surrounding the fictional Heavenly Host Elementary School. Developed by Team GrisGris and published in the west by XSEED Games, it’s part of a long-running series that sprinkles role-playing elements in with survival horror, challenging players with exploring haunted school grounds and unraveling the mystery of the murders of elementary students, grappling with the ghosts who have been trapped in the school ever since tragedy befell them.

The “Corpse Party” series is beloved by horror fans thanks to its gruesome elements, intriguing puzzles, and genuinely creepy storyline and characters. Though the games feature a cute anime style, it’s often juxtaposed with grisly depictions of violence and terrifying situations.

The game has already seen an English release previously on PlayStation Vita as well as iOS and Android devices, so a move to Switch in the future makes total sense, especially given the season – though there’s no indication at the moment that a release is imminent.