Games industry veteran Christoph Hartmann will take over as Vice President of Amazon Game Studios, according to an announcement made on Tuesday.
Hartmann is the former president of Take-Two Interactive, where he remained for 20 years, and the founder of 2K games.
He led the teams behind “Borderlands,” “Bioshock,” and others.
For Amazon, Hartmann will oversee the Game Studio’s teams in Seattle, Orange County, and San Diego. He will be working on upcoming titles “New World” and “Crucible,” in addition to other as-of-yet unrevealed titles.
Hartmann gave a statement regarding his new role in a press release.
“Gaming, today’s favorite form of entertainment in the world, is connecting hundreds of millions of people,” Hartmann said. Between the teams at AGS, the incredible tools and technology from AWS, the global communities of Twitch and Twitch Prime, and all of the other assets around Amazon, there are few companies in the world set up to take gaming to the next level. I am incredibly proud and honored to become part of Amazon’s highly talented and passionate group of people, to develop together hallmarks of gaming, bring amazing experiences to people all over the world, and build a gaming legacy for the years to come.”
Upcoming title “New World,” which Hartmann will be a part of, is a sandbox MMO that puts players in a “living, hostile, cursed land” according to the Amazon description.
“Crucible” is described as a last man standing game which has aliens and humans facing off.