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You Have Three Hours to Catch a Zapdos in ‘Pokemon Go’

If you want to catch a Zapdos in “Pokemon Go,” Saturday is your chance, according to The Pokemon Company.

July 21 is Zapdos Day, and players around the world will only have three hours to enjoy the events. In North America, the event starts at 11:00 a.m. PT and runs until 2 p.m.

Zapdos will be available for capture in Raid Battles, and caught Zapdos will know the Fast Attack Thundershock move. There is also a chance players could encounter a Shiny Zapdos. Shiny Pokemon, which usually appear as alternate color Pokemon, are quite rare in the mobile game.

If you have some time after getting your Zapdos, stop by a Gym and spin a Photo Disc to receive up to five Raid passes.

The Zapdos Day event is a part of Professor Willow’s Global Challenge. Earlier this month, Niantic held special events for egg hatching and candy raids as a part of the Global Challenge. It’s been a big summer for the “Pokemon Go” developer, as Niantic also held the Pokemon Go Fest earlier this month in Chicago, welcoming over 21,000 attendees.

The final leg of Niantic’s Pokemon Go Summer Tour will be in August in Yokosuka, Japan, where Niantic will hold the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event, which is sure to bring more intriguing challenges to the community.

“Pokemon Go” continues to perform steadily in the mobile games offering, with the game reaching $1.8 billion in revenue earlier this month, on its second anniversary.



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