Capcom has announced a new livestream initiative known as Capcom Connect, which will play host to “Street Fighter” events and news.

The streams will take place on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT via the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel as part of a partnership between Esports Arena Oakland and Capcom. It will be broadcast live from the Esports Arena Oakland center in California. The livestreams are, according to the company, a way to “reach out” to the community in terms of cosplayers, pro players, casuals, artists, and everyone in between, meant to “highlight all facets of the ‘Street Fighter’ community.”

At each show, fans will be privy to news and events from the prior week, as well as cosplay and fan art submission highlights, pro matches, and “Street Fighter” themed occasions open to the public. Both Capcom and Esports Arena Oakland staff will be on hand to host the Tuesday events, inviting various special events to each show.

You won’t be able to attend the event in person as it’s a “stream-only” setup, but Capcom is asking that viewers get involved with special giveaways for ages like “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” and other various contests. Artists and cosplayers are invited to tweet the official Street Fighter account for possible inclusion with credit live on stream.

The first Capcom Connect stream begins Sep. 25, though there haven’t been any special guests announced just yet. The stream will, of course, be peppered with “Street Fighter”-centric content, which should delight fans looking to revel in the popular fighting game series.