‘Candy Crush Friends Saga’ Worldwide Revenue Surpasses $10 Million

'Candy Crush Friends Saga' Worldwide Revenue

King’s newest entry in its “Candy Crush” series, “Candy Crush Friends Saga,” surpassed worldwide gross revenue of $10 million, according to analyst group Sensor Tower’s estimates.

The game, which you can read more about here, was also the ninth most downloaded app for the whole of October, despite having just launched on Oct. 10, according to Sensor Tower. For the sake of comparison, the first “Candy Crush Saga” topped out at the number 12 position for installs in the same month as its debut, which demonstrates that players are still very wild about the mobile puzzler.

The app’s popularity is spread throughout various markets, including the U.S., which comprises 46 percent (about $4.15 million) of spending, as well as Europe’s 31 percent. Much of play spending has happened during the game’s soft-launch phase, where it wasn’t available for American players, but open for those in Europe as well as New Zealand and South Africa.

Most players tend to puzzle things out on Android platforms, with 71 percent of the game’s 22.5 million downloads going predominantly to those on said phones.

“Candy Crush Friends Saga” adds new layers to the original match-3 puzzle game, with new objectives such as freeing marshmallow animals and octopi from jelly blocks, dunking cookies, and collecting candy friends with special abilities. It’s currently available for both iOS and Android users and is free to download and play.