Call of Duty Black Ops 4” won’t have a single-player campaign, instead developers Treyarch are betting on three zombies mode, a multiplayer mode and battle royale mode, the company announced Thursday.

“It doesn’t have a traditional campaign, instead we’re weaving that into each of the modes,” said Treyarch chairman Mark Lamia.

The game was revealed Thursday in a hanger packed with 900 fans, influencers and press, in an event that was streamed live around the world.

A massive screen counted down to the reveal and after a moment of darkness the three massive screens that lined one wall of the hanger went through a brief video history of the “Black Ops” games.

The event kicked off with Lamia talking about the nearly ten-year history of the “Black Ops Call of Duty” games and how the developer was able to achieve so much, test so many boundaries because of the trust the “Call of Duty” community had in the developer.

“I want to thank you for that trust,” he said. “That trust allowed us to take a lot of chances. Treyarch has never shied away from introducing something new or unexpected with ‘Call of Duty’ and breaking from convention.”

This year, that break is “Call of Duty’s” largest, removing the award-winning campaign that often set the franchise apart from the competition. Instead, the developer is tripling down on its many multiplayer and coop modes, offering players three distinct zombies mode, a full competitive multiplayer mode and a new battle royale mode called Blackout.