Now that “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s” multiplayer beta is over, developer Treyarch is outlining some of the changes it’s making to the game based on community feedback.

“With ‘Black Ops 4’ multiplayer, one of our biggest priorities has been to add depth to gameplay for an experience that will be more rewarding the longer you play it: we’ve added variety to combat, increased differentiation in gameplay items, extended counter play, and tightened the nuances of movement and gunplay,” Treyarch said in a Reddit post on Thursday. “What you played in the beta was an early version of all those changes working together for a game that we hope you found both familiar and new, challenging and rewarding, and fun for casual and competitive players alike. There is a meta to the game that will unfold over time, so we took a slightly conservative approach to changes in the beta until all the gameplay data had been reviewed and digested. Now, we have a wealth of information and are excited to get to work polishing the game for launch.”

“Black Ops 4’s” fog of war is getting some of the biggest tweaks. It was designed to strengthen situational awareness and guide moment-to-moment decision-making, Treyarch said, but it’s currently too powerful. So, the developer made a few balance changes. The full reveal circle is no longer a default function; it’s now part of the Team Link perk instead.

“This way, players who want that power will need to spend a point in Create-a-Class to get it and compete with their choices for other powerful items,” Treyarch said. This also gives Team Link a much-needed boost, as it significantly underperformed in the Beta.”

Additionally, red dots on the minimap that appear while firing a weapon fade faster and a HUD indicator now lets people know when they’re visible to enemy players.

Meanwhile, Treyarch said it spotted some issues with “Black Ops 4’s” spawn system thanks to community videos, comments, and gameplay data.The Tac-Deploy, which allows players to create a secondary team spawn area on the map, is a “tad too strong.” It now has a shorter duration while active, it has a lengthier cooldown, and it’s limited to 10 spawns per use.

Treyarch is also making some balance tweaks to gear, specifically body armor. It was the most controversial item during beta, apparently, although the Stim Shot was the most popular. Plus, the developer is adding free cursor UI navigation, so players can use the D-pad to scroll through menus if they want to, and it’s working to add loadouts to killcams, a must-requested feature amongst the “Call of Duty” community.

“The beta gave us a tremendous amount of feedback — it showed us what needed to be tweaked, tuned, modified, and analyzed further,” Treyarch said. “What has been great is how constructive and articulate you’ve been. This is after all, why developers have betas in the first place.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Oct. 12. Treyarch will hold a beta for the game’s battle royale mode, Blackout, starting Sept. 10 on PlayStation 4 only. Other platforms will get their own betas at an unannounced date.