Telltale released a story builder on Thursday which allows players to prepare a save file for the final season of “The Walking Dead” game.

The story builder, available on Telltale’s website, asks the user which decisions they made in crucial moments from the first three seasons of the popular narrative-driven game.

[Note: Possible spoilers for the first three seasons of Telltale’s “The Walking Dead.”]

The fourth and final season will follow Clementine, who is a very different young woman from the little girl players met in the first season. With this in mind, the questions raised don’t center around first season protagonist Lee so much nor the characters in the third season. While various decisions in those games affected the story within those seasons quite a bit, they won’t necessarily impact Clementine.

Instead, choices that affect what type of person Clementine is for the final installment of “The Walking Dead” are raised. For example, what advice Lee gave to Clementine in season one, or whether Clementine chose to deal with a situation with confrontation or walking away.

Users are then given their “type” of Clementine that they can then play as when the last season’s first episode releases on Aug. 14.

To link the Clementine build before playing, users will need to sign in to their Telltale account when they build and then link their Telltale account in-game on their console of choice before playing.

Considering “The Walking Dead” game first released in 2012, many players may have their save files on an older console, making this an ideal option for those who want their choices to carry over into the last installment.

Perhaps of note, the story builder also asks about the fate of Lilly, a character from the first season. The player has to choose how to deal with her, but Lilly could be alive in either scenario that she was left in back in the first season.

Telltale is mum on whether or not we can expect any additional returning characters beyond AJ and Clementine at this point, but the story builder is a perfect way to prepare yourself for the final season, so you can find out for yourself.