Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” just received an update that, in addition to removing the 9-Bang flash grenade from Blackout mode, brings several multiplayer tweaks and more.

Developer Treyarch took to the “Black Ops 4” subreddit to announce the game’s latest changes, where fans rejoiced about the removal of the 9-Bang flash grenade from the Battle Royale Blackout mode. The item was removed in a bid to “evaluate” the item’s place in the gameplay loop following complaints that it was far too effective at blinding players for extended periods of time.

Additional updates were detailed as well, including the terrifying Blightfather’s move from IX to the Graveyard near the Asylum. The fearsome character, when defeated, will reward players with some serious loot, and the event that features the Blightfather is now live on all Blackout playlists for players on all platforms. When you spot a red pillar of light, be on guard – it’s the Blightfather, after all.

Additionally, new Blackout Character Missions have been added for the “Black Ops 4” Chaos Storyline players, with increased quest item spawn rates for players to drop in as Diego, Scarlett, Bruno, and Shaw.

For multiplayer fans, new playlists are available, including Mercenary Chaos Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, and Team Tactical Moshpit, all located in the Featured category. They’ll rotate in on a weekly basis, with more to come each week. Players can also take part in the upcoming 2X Tier Boost Weekend for Blackout and Multiplayer, which starts on Friday, Nov. 9 and runs on all platforms through Monday, Nov. 12 at 10 a.m. PT.

Those who spend most of their time in Zombies mode will be pleased to find that there are additional updates in the oven at this time to improve stability and add other content improvements as the game stretches on. For additional updates and a breakdown of what’s been added to the game, the full Reddit post can be found here.