BioWare revealed a teaser trailer for what seems to be the next installment to the “Dragon Age” series during The Game  Awards on Thursday evening.

The trailer did not reveal a title, but did show the hashtagged phrase “#TheDreadWolfRises” at the end.

“So, you found me at last,” a voice says during the trailer. “I suspect you have questions.”

The voice sounds like it could be Solas, a character from the series.

Of course, even with just this teaser “Dragon Age” fans took to Twitter to respond with their enthusiasm. Understandable, as fans of the series are eager for more since the last installment, “Dragon Age: Inquisition” was back in 2014. This title, as of yet unnamed, will be the fourth addition to the series.

“I’ve missed @dragonage but I don’t think I realized just how much until that teaser. Time to replay Inquisitionagain I guess… #TheDreadWolfRises,” tweeted user @jasonsbase.

Another user, @storyobsessed, tweeted “If you had told me a year ago I would have flipped out at the mere confirmation of a video game I wouldn’t have believed you And yet here we are.”

Others had slightly… more emotional responses.

While we don’t have a title or release date or, really, much at all to go on, the teaser seemed to be enough to make several fans very happy Thursday evening.

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