Ubisoft held a livestream on Wednesday to give fans another peek at its upcoming action-adventure game “Beyond Good & Evil 2.”

“Space Monkey Report #3” began at noon Eastern and included the latest updates, along with developer Q&A. During the last report, devs showed off some pre-alpha work-in-progress footage of the game’s combat and its seamless environments. They also spent some time talking about the game’s timeline and how it fits into the wider lore of the franchise. Since it’s a prequel to the 2003 cult-classic “Beyond Good & Evil,” new players should be able to hop into the story without feeling lost.

“Beyond Good & Evil 2” was officially announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference. Unlike its predecessor, it features an open world design, a male or female protagonist, and cooperative gameplay. Right now, it doesn’t have a release window or target platforms. Variety got to see a demo at E3 2018, where the developers told us they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

“We want to make a game where you have the freedom to go wherever your want and do whatever you want, with or without your friends,” said senior producer Guillaume Brunier.

While the demo was impressive, Variety’s Giancarlo Valdes said it’s impossible to say whether or not the full game will work just as well or smoothly. But, he said the early results were promising, “especially when you consider that the developers are trying to use this massive sandbox to tell a compelling story.”