With “Battlefield V” a little over a month away, developer EA DICE is talking about how weapon specializations work over on Xbox Wire.

Players can modify their primary weapons by using them in battle and spending in-game currency, DICE said. This allows them to tailor their favorites to best suit their playstyles. These modifications are called Specializations. They’re not permanent; players can always go back and try different setups even after a weapon is fully specialized, DICE said.

New players who join the game a bit later won’t be left out, the developer promised. They can choose from four starter weapons — one for each class — that begin at Rank 0 but have Specializations already unlocked. Players can re-spec the weapons however they want after spending some quality time with them on the front lines.

Picking Specializations has pros and cons, DICE said. The EMP machine gun, for example, has eight different Specializations and eight Specialization tree paths. Choosing one means you won’t get the benefits of another. But, no choice is permanent. Any weapon can be re-specced once it’s fully unlocked, and it’s up to players to decide if they want to focus on one particular path or sample a little of both.

Finally, once a weapon’s Specializations are fully unlocked, DICE said players can take on weapon-specific Special Assignments to earn unique vanity items for that particular weapon.

“Battlefield V” releases on Nov. 20 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The sixteenth installment of the series, it focuses on World War II and features a new battle royale mode called Firestorm.