Developer DICE revealed more information about “Battlefield V’s” numerous customization options during a special Gamescom 2018 edition of Inside Xbox on Tuesday.

Each player will have their own company filled with soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. Squads play an important role, and each member of the squad has a new specialized combat role. The Recon specializes in long-ranged shooting, spotting, and stealth (naturally). The Assault class has a lot of versatility, Medics have a number of ways to keep the squad alive, and the Support can now provide backup with new attrition fortification systems. Each class has its own loadout and unique abilities for the first time in a “Battlefield” game.

Soldiers can be customized “from top to bottom,” DICE said. Weapons are also highly customizable. Not only can players tweak how they look and fire, they can unlock tactical choices that affect how weapons and vehicles perform. They can also take on special assignments to progress their company and earn new gear.

Once “Battlefield V” comes out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Oct. 19, DICE said it will add additional content via a post-launch experience called Tides of War.

“Battlefield V’s” open beta starts next month, DICE announced on Monday. People who pre-order the game — or members of Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic, or EA Access — can get early access to the beta on Sept. 4. Everyone else can start playing on Sept. 6.