Battlefield V” developer DICE dropped some hints about the game’s new battle royale mode in a trailer released on Tuesday.

It’s officially called Firestorm and it features 16 teams of four players all competing to be the last team standing in what DICE calls “the largest ‘Battlefield’ map ever.” That map is a giant sandbox filled with destructible buildings, weaponry, and vehicles. There’s no mention of the solo or duo modes popular in other popular battle royale titles like “Fortnite” and “PUBG.”

“This is royale done the ‘Battlefield’ way,” DICE said.

The trailer also details “Battlefield V’s” other multiplayer features. There will be eight different settings, and one of them takes place during one of the biggest tank battles in human history in North Africa, DICE said. The trailer also teases other locales like Rotterdam, Norway, and France.

Finally, the trailer takes a sneak peek into DICE’s plans for “Battlefield V” post-launch. The developer is working on a single-player war story called The Last Tiger. Plus, all players will get free content under what DICE calls Tides of War. The first DLC is called The Fall of Europe. It takes place in France and will deliver a steady stream of daily and weekly events. The second chapter arrives in early 2019 and debuts a new location in Greece.

Last week, DICE announced it’s pushing back “Battlefield V’s” launch date to Nov. 20 so it can make some “meaningful improvements” to the core gameplay experience. The open beta is still scheduled to start on Sept. 6 (or Sept. 4 for early access players).