An update for the “Artifact” beta that addresses concerns around the monetization of the game and card distribution was announced by Valve on Sunday.

In response to “overwhelming amount of feedback on all parts of the game” Valve has made changes to the digital trading card game, some of which are already active since the release of the public beta on Sunday.

After Valve lifted its NDA for the private beta, many players criticized the payment model of the game, part of which is the way players must spend event tickets to practice draft nodes. In response to this feedback, Valve changed its policy, effective in the current public  beta version.

“Drafting is incredibly fun, but can also be very intimidating,” the update post states. “We agree that it’s important to have a way to practice before venturing into a more competitive mode. In the next ‘Artifact’ beta build, everyone who has claimed their starting content will find a Casual Phantom Draft gauntlet available in the Casual Play section.”

Another change made effective for the public beta is that players can now play drafting events with friends, available by selecting Call to Arms Phantom Draft “in any user-created tournament.”

A third change, not yet live, addresses player sentiment that duplicate starter heroes issued in card packs would be a waste. To remedy this, Valve will add a system which allows players to recycle their unwanted cards in turn for event tickets. Valve notes that this feature will be added sometime before the conclusion of the beta period.

“Artifact” will release on Steam on Nov. 28 for $19.99 for PC, Mac, and Linux.