‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Has Earned Over $25 Million in Net Revenue Since 2017 Debut

‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Has Earned Over $25 Million

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,” Nintendo’s mobile iteration of the popular life sim, has done incredibly well for itself since debuting on Nov. 20, 2017. Analyst firm Sensor Tower estimates reveal that the colorful app has reached $10 million in worldwide net revenue on Google Play, which brings the game’s global total since launch to over $25 million.

Despite the fact that titles like “Fortnite” continue to dominate the mobile sphere in terms of downloads and revenue, “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” ended up as the No. 225 earning game on the App Store worldwide for May 2018 in terms of net revenue. Meanwhile, it ranked No. 193 on the Google Play Store. Its No. 201 ranking by net revenue across both storefronts is an impressive number, to be sure.

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” is a miniaturized addition to the series, which began back in 2001 on Nintendo’s GameCube. Instead of giving players their own space in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals this time around, however, players inhabit their own customizable campground.

With a cycle of animals that visit and offer various quests, there’s a swath of things to do that can be completed without spending premium currency in the free-to-play title, but it does feature many of the same trappings that others in the genre do. It continues to receive regular updates in the form of events and new selections of items, with the most recent addition of loot boxes in the form of “fortune cookies.”

Nintendo has released two other mobile titles based on its popular franchises, with “Super Mario Run” leading the charge for its push into gaming on the go, and “Fire Emblem Heroes” following that. A fourth mobile title is in the works at this time, based on the “Mario Kart” series: “Mario Kart Tour.” It’s expected to debut sometime in 2019.