Free ‘Absolver: Downfall’ Expansion Launches Later This September

Free 'Absolver: Downfall' Expansion Launches Later This September

Developer Sloclap’s “Absolver” is getting a free expansion for the combat-based action-RPG called “Absolver: Downfall.”

The meaty new addition to the game will feature the new Downfall game mode, which offers players new solo and co-op runs through the Adalian Mines as they take on the nefarious Arcell and the Prospects who follow him. Infected Prospects will yield Gleam, which can be transmuted into gear, experience, and other goodies.

Gleam is an all-powerful element that goes into making you one of the most powerful being around. As you gain additional power, you’ll become even more formidable, working to clear out the Corrupted, and then Arcell once you’ve prepared enough. Every time you make a run through the Mines and Temples, you’ll enjoy a wholly unique experience with different challenges, punishing enemies, and challenging boss fights.

There’s even a new combat style known as Faejin that’s been added, which is inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. There are a variety of three dozen attacks for players to utilize with their bare hands, swords, and gloves.

Finally, School Challenges round out the new content available in-game, with several new leaderboards and rankings for players to work their way up. With a selection of new equipment and prestige variants in the Essence Shop as well as makes, weapons, emotes, and other items, there’s plenty to discover in Downfall for those who decide to take it on.

“Absolver: Downfall” debuts on PlayStation 4 and PC on Sep. 25.