Sony announced the new 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro on Thursday, a new system with a special translucent blue outer shell meant as a “thank you” to fans for helping the company sell over 525.3 million PlayStation systems worldwide.

The system, which will be limited to 50,000 units, features a slick coloring job with the dark blue exterior, matching DualShock 4 controller, a vertical stand, PlayStation Camera, and mono headset. It also sports a 2 TB hard drive for a substantial amount of storage space.

Since there are so few units being made, each system will also feature a special copper plate on the front with a limited edition serial number assigned to every unique console. There will be a select few units for lucky buyers that will be printed instead with the dates of special moments throughout PlayStation’s history, such as 09995, the original U.S. launch date of the first PlayStation, or 01115, the U.S. launch date of the PlayStation 4. There’s even a date commemorating the PlayStation VR launch: 01013.

The bundled version of the console all cost $499.99, but the 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 will be available for standalone purchase for $64.99, as will the 500 Million Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset for $99.99. All products will go up for sale across various retailers beginning Aug. 24, with the controller and headset hitting select stores in early September.