Epic Games is bringing more holiday cheer to its popular battle royale game with “14 Days of Fortnite,” a limited-time event featuring new modes, challenges, and more, according to the developer’s website.

The event kicks off on Wednesday, Dec. 19. Starting at 9 a.m. ET each day afterwards, players can log into the game to find out which modes are available. Epic didn’t provide details on what these modes will be, however. It’s a holiday surprise, apparently!

On the Battle Royale side of things, players can jump out of a festive Battle Bus, find a Snowball Launcher, or hide within a holiday-lit Legendary Bush. Meanwhile, ground vehicles now slide on icy surfaces, Epic said, and sticking a landing on all four wheels no longer damages the player inside.

“Fortnite’s” new creative mode is getting into the spirit as well. Players can now build their creations with winter-themed islands. There are four total and they’re selected from the player Rift on the starter island. There’re also six new Winter Village prefabs available. Additionally, Epic said it’s now giving players two total “The Block” islands instead of one.

Finally, “Fortnite’s” Save the World story campaign is getting both returning and new themed enemies, along with a winter map. A new holiday quest will unlock every day and automatically appear in a player’s quest log. Completing them rewards snowflake tickets to use in the store. A free Upgrade Llama will appear in the store each day, Epic said, while a Smorgasbord Llama will appear for a few days around Dec. 25.

The biggest addition to Save the World, however, is a new experience called Frostnite that will test how well players can survive the brutal cold. They’ll have to keep a burner filled with scavenged BluGlo. If it runs out, characters will freeze. As the burner decreases, the Storm Shield shrinks, so it’s important to keep it topped off. Oh, and players have to do all this without their gear or resources. They’ll only start with their survival skills, schematics, and basic starting weapons.

A large amount of bug fixes and tweaks were also introduced today. The full patch notes can be found here.