Black Friday is upon on and it’s time to start shopping for great deals on video games no matter how you play.

Among the best deals are the Nintendo Switch bundle, a price drop for the Xbox One, sales on the PlayStation 4 and a slew of games from Windows PC to your console of choice.

There are also a number of publishers running direct sales on their launchers and websites.

Blizzard’s Black Friday sale includes up to 66 percent off a number of items from games (yes, including “Call of Duty” and “Destiny 2,” to in-game content to physical items on the Gear Store.  “Overwatch” has a free trial running from Nov. 20 through Nov. 26. (Variety Gaming is also giving away 50 copies of the Legendary Edition over on Facebook. Just follow the page to make sure you don’t miss one of the drops of free codes.)

Electronic Art’s Black Friday deals include price drops through Origin as well as download codes for all of the consoles.

Humble Bundle’s monthly subscription has a $33 off sale right now, dropping the price for a year to $99. There are also quite a number of games on sale.

There’s also the Steam Autumn Sale which runs through Nov. 27 at 1 p.m. ET.

Ubisoft has up to 80 percent off on its store which is packed with games, clothing, gear, and even some really cool replica weapons.

We’ve also put together a number of platform-specific Black Friday guides for you to check out and pick clean. Below you’ll find links for Nintendo Switch and 3DS, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One.

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