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The Weapons and Gear of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’

With no true single-player campaign, the weapons and gear of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” are becoming an even more central sort of character to the game.

When Variety had about 45 minutes to play a variety of multiplayer modes of the game at the recent unveiling, I took a bit of that time to capture images of the guns and gear made available to us while previewing the game. It’s unclear if the game will have more gear and weapons to play with once its officially released.

In the gallery above, you’ll find most, if not all, of the weapons and gear as well as their stats. There’s also a quick look at some of the available perks and wildcards, as well as one specialist’s selection of unique weapons.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s” multiplayer mode returns to the pick-10 class-building system, which has players choosing among a variety of weapons, mods, perks, and wildcards to create their own character. Each selection accounts for one of the 10 points allotted. With the addition of the specialty gear, which takes a point, items have become even harder to choose from.

Below you’ll find a list of the weapons and gear.


Assault Rifles
– Optics: Reflex or Recon
– Attachments: Grip, Laser Sight, Long Barrel, Grip II, Quickdraw, FMJ

– Optics: Reflex or Recon
– Attachments: Stock, High Caliber, Fast Mags, Long Barrel, Stock II, Rapid Fire, Suppressor

Rampart 17

Submachine guns
Saug 9mm

Tactical Rifles
– Optics: reflect recon
– Attachments: grip, laser site, long barrel, quickdraw, FM1, grip 2
Auger DMR


Sniper Rifles
Paladin HB50

Secondary Weapons

– Optics:  reflex
– Attachments: fm1 long b arrel, exgtended mag, quickdraw, fm II, laser sight, supressor

MOG 12

Hellion Salvo


Equipment Charge
Acoustic Sensor
Stim Shot
Body Armor


Special Issue
Trophy System
Combat axe


Slot 1
Flak Jacket
Cold blooded

Slot 2

Slot 3
Dead silance,
Tean link


Primary gunfighter 1
Primary gunfighter 2
Primary gunfighter 3
Secondary gunfighter 1
Secondary gunfighter 2
Secondary gunfighter 3

Perk 1 gluttony
Perk 2 gluttony
Perk 3 gluttony
Perk 1 greed
Perk 2 greed
Perk 3 greed


Counter UAV
Attack chopper
Strike team

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