There may have been plenty who were bitten by “Twilight” fever, but it takes a serious fan to cough up the $349,000 listed for the house featured in the fantasy film series.

If you’re dedicated enough, you can reside in the four-bedroom, two-bathroom property that protagonist Bella Swan called home. Listed by Sotheby’s International Real Estate, the house was built in 1935 and is located in St. Helens, Ore., and was used as the filming location for many scenes in the film series, which was set in Forks, Wash.

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Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The “Twilight” saga, first a book series, garnered legions of passionate fans who rooted for the forbidden relationship between Kristen Stewart’s Bella and Edward Cullen, an immortal vampire played by Robert Pattinson. The movie series based on the books generated a cumulative $3.3 billion worldwide.

The 2,506 sq. ft. white house boasts a vintage charm, with the original stone fireplace in the living room and the leaded-glass china cabinets in the dining room. Dean Koenig, who has owned the house for almost 16 years, also kept many decor elements like the blue wallpaper that set designers added for the films, insisting that the house pay tribute to its time in the spotlight, he told People magazine.

Fans of the franchise from all over the world have visited the home to take photos, with some even leaving flowers or handwritten cards. Once, a publicist even dug dirt from the yard to give to his clients for Christmas.

“Actors age. They change. They take on different roles. This house will always be as you saw it in the movie,” Koenig told People. “So when people come here they actually can connect to that world and that world becomes a little more real to them.”