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Tribeca Film Festival Sets 2018 Slate of VR and Interactive Titles (Full List)

A new virtual-reality take on “War Games” and interactive and immersive projects that feature Rosario Dawson, Lupita Nyong’o, Alicia Vikander and the band OK Go are among the projects on tap for the Tribeca Film Festival’s 2018 lineup of immersive, interactive and virtual reality titles.

Tribeca has been an early champion of multiplatform storytelling ever since launching the Storyscapes section in 2013. This year, alongside 21 VR and augmented reality world premieres in the Virtual Arcade and five projects in Storyscapes, Tribeca is launching Tribeca Cinema360, a VR theater with four curated programs.

The festival’s immersive work runs April 20-28; the festival itself, which recently announced its slate of feature films, runs April 18-29.


#WarGames VR (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Sam Barlow, Eko
Key Collaborators: MGM, m ss ng p eces

1000 Cut Journey (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Courtney Cogburn, Elise Ogle, Jeremy Bailenson, Tobin Asher, Teff Nichols
Key Collaborators: Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Cogburn Research Group

Arden’s Wake: Tide’s Fall (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Eugene YK Chung, Jimmy Maidens
Key Collaborators: Devon Penney, Annmarie Koenig, Bruna Berford, Christina Tasooji, Adrian

BattleScar (New York Premiere) – USA, France
Project Creator: Nico Casavecchia, Martin Allais
Key Collaborators: Arnaud Colinart, Andrew Geller, Raphael Penasa, René Pinnell
Cast: Rosario Dawson (narrator)

Campfire Creepers: Midnight March (World Premiere) – France, USA
Project Creator: Alexandre Aja
Key Collaborators: Casey Cooper Johnson, Martin Andersen
Cast: Archie Lewis, Chloe Hawthorne, Kai Czuplak, Lara Karbritz, Lola Martin    

The Chalk Room (New York Premiere) – Taiwan R.O.C., USA
Project Creator: Laurie Anderson, Hsin-Chien Huang

Coral Compass: Fighting Climate Change in Palau (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Tobin Asher, Elise Ogle, Jeremy Bailenson
Key Collaborators: Rob Dunbar, Bob Richmond

The Day the World Changed (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Gabo Arora, Saschka Unseld
Key Collaborators: Nathan Brown, Tom Lofthouse, Jennifer Tiexiera, Nate Robinson, Igal Nassima

Dinner Party (New York Premiere) – Puerto Rico, USA
Project Creator: Angel Manuel Soto, Charlotte Stoudt, Laura Wexler
Key Collaborators: Rachel Skidmore, Bryn Mooser, Erik Donley
Cast: Malcolm Barrett, Sarah Sokolovic

The Unfinished (World Premiere) – France
Project Creator: Balthazar Auxietre
Key Collaborators: Hadrien Lanvin
Cast: Tarek Aitmeddour, Raphaelle Boitel, Augustin Jacob, Pauline Journe, Myriam Kerkour, David Negroni

Fire Escape (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Vassiliki Khonsari, Navid Khonsari, Andres Perez-Duarte, Sam Butin
Key Collaborators: Lulu LaMer, Maria Essig, iNK Stories
Cast: ASMR Darling, Ethan Rains, Edward Jackson, Michelle Lukes, Olivia Preciado, Tanya Henderson, Giselle Gilbert

The Hidden (World Premiere) – India, USA
Project Creator: Lindsay Branham
Key Collaborators: International Justice Mission, Oculus VR for Good

Into the Now (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Michael Muller
Key Collaborators: Michael Smith, Morne Hardenberg, RSA VR

Jack: Part One (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Mathias Chelebourg
Key Collaborators: Kane Lee, Jonathan Flesher, Thomas Levassor, Olivier Piasentin

My Africa (World Premiere) – USA, UK
Project Creator: Conservation International, Passion Planet, Vision3
Cast: Lupita Nyong’o (narrator), Naltwasha Leripe

SPHERES: Pale Blue Dot (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Eliza McNitt
Key Collaborators: Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel, Jess Engel, Arnaud Colinart, Dylan Golden

Star Child (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Paul Bettner
Key Collaborators: Mia Goodwin

Untitled OK Go & WITHIN Project (World Premiere) – USA, UK
Project Creator: Chris Milk, Damian Kulash
Key Collaborators: WITHIN, OK Go, Oculus
Vacation Simulator (World Premiere) – USA

Vestige (World Premiere) – UK, USA, France
Project Creator: Aaron Bradbury
Key Collaborators: Paul Mowbray, Antoine Cayrol, Jill Klekas Basmajian
Cast: Lisa Elin

Where Thoughts Go : Prologue (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Lucas Rizzotto
Key Collaborators: Tarik Merzouk, Steven Hodgson


Biidaaban: First Light (World Premiere) – Canada
Project Creator: Lisa Jackson, Mathew Borrett, Jam3 and the National Film Board of Canada
Key Collaborators: Rob McLaughlin, Dana Dansereau

Hero (New York Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Navid Khonsari, Vassiliki Khonsari, Brooks Brown
Key Collaborators: Mark Harwood, Sinclair Fleming, Andres Perez-Duarte, Sam Butin, iNK Stories, Starbreeze Studios
Cast: Masoume Khonsari, Perla Daoud, Samer Sakka, Sam Sako, Said Faraj, Sue Shaheen

 objects in mirror AR closer than they appear (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Graham Sack, Geoff Sobelle, John Fitzgerald, Matthew Niederhauser
Key Collaborators: Sarah Hughes, Steven Dufala, Steve Cuiffo, Jecca Barry, The Molecule, New York Theatre Workshop, SilVR
Cast: Geoff Sobelle

Queerskins: a love story (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Illya Szilak, Cyril Tsiboulski
Cast: Hadley Boyd, Drew Moore, Michael DeBartolo

Terminal 3 (World Premiere) – USA, Pakistan
Project Creator: Asad J. Malik
Key Collaborators: Kaleidoscope VR, Anita Gou, RYOT, Philipp Schaeffer, Viva Wittman, Jack Daniel Gerrard, Musa Ghaznavi
Cast: Aisha Yousaf, Ahmad Cory Jubran, Fereydoun Vakhshoury, Ani Zonneveld, Helya Salarvand



  • 02:09 (World Premiere) – Sweden, China
    Project Creator: Svante Fjaestad
    Cast: Chen Dong Hong, Xie Hong
  • Together (New York Premiere) – USA
    Project Creator: Terrence Malick, The Factory at Facebook, Movement Art Is

It’s Right Behind You:

  • Campfire Creepers: The Skull of Sam (North American Premiere) – Spain, USA
    Project Creator: Alexandre Aja
    Key Collaborators: Casey Cooper Johnson, Martin Andersen
    Cast: Robert Englund
  • The Caretaker (World Premiere) – USA
    Project Creator: Jacob Wasserman, Nicolas Pesce, Adam Donald
    Key Collaborators: Hidden Content, RealMotion VFX.
  • An Obituary (boogo) (US Premiere) – South Korea
    Project Creator: Jean Yoon
    Key Collaborators: Kuk- seok Yang, Jin-hee Kim
    Cast: Tae-kyung Oh, Yong-nyeo Lee.

This is Climate Change:

  • This is Climate Change (World Premiere) – Åland Islands, Brazil, Greenland, Somalia, USA
    Project Creator: Eric Strauss, Danfung Dennis
    Key Collaborators: Diana El-Osta (Producer), Catherine Yrisarri (Producer), Jeff Skoll (Executive Producer), Elise Pearlstein (Executive Producer), Kathy Davidov (Executive Producer), Casey Brown (Executive Producer)

VR For Good Creators Lab:

  • Meeting a Monster (World Premiere) – USA
    Project Creator: Gabriela Arp
    Key Collaborators: Oculus VR for Good, Life After Hate
    Cast: Belle Emilie Gold, Jerry Edwards, Diana Mitchell, Skye Waller, Aidan Shields, Toia Johnson
  • She Flies by Her Own Wings (World Premiere) – USA
    Project Creator: Jesse (Jesus) Ayala
    Key Collaborators: Oculus VR for Good, Pride Foundation, Fovrth Studios, Flight School
    Cast: Shannon Scott
  • The Hidden (World Premiere) – India, USA
    Project Creator: Lindsay Branham
    Key Collaborators: International Justice Mission, Oculus VR for Good

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