Carnaby International has sealed a raft of international deals for high-concept adventure thriller “The Boat.”

The film sees was written by father-and-son team Winston and Joe Azzopardi, with the former directing and the latter starring in the movie. It tells the story of a lone fisherman who boards an abandoned sailboat. Finding no signs of life, he emerges back on deck to discover that his own boat has disappeared, and a nightmarish journey commences as the vessel he is on presses on into unknown waters.

Dutch Filmworks has the picture for the Benelux region, Metropolitan Filmexport for France, Splendid Film for Germany, Mis. Label for Scandinavia, Impacto Cine for Latin America, Front Row for the Middle East, Green Narae Media for South Korea, and Suraya Filem for Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

“’The Boat’ is a fantastic film based on a simple idea,” said Tim Grohne, president of international and production at Carnaby International. “We’re thrilled it has now found its rightful place with some of the world’s most talented distributors.”

“The Boat” was on Carnaby’s slate for Cannes alongside Julian Gilbey’s survival drama “Summit Fever,” which has been pre-sold to Koch Films for Germany. The film follows a pair of mountaineers attempting to conquer the “Big Three” Alpine peaks, unaware that a deadly storm is brewing. Filming is taking place at altitude.