With the Sundance Film Festival officially under way, Twitter has begun to buzz about the happenings in Park City, Utah.

The public is already taking notice of certain films and stars that are garnering early momentum on social media, becoming Twitter’s top trending Sundance topics.

According to data released to Variety by Twitter with research conducted by Crimson Hexagon, since Sundance kicked off on Thursdays, the top three tweeted-about films are “Blindspotting,” “Lizzie” and “American Animals.”

“Blindspotting” was selected as the opening night film, which surely brought extra attention on social media. “Lizzie” stars Chloë Sevigny as Lizzie Borden in a psychological thriller based on the infamous murders of the Borden family. “American Animals” makes its debut Friday at the festival, and the heist movie, based on a true story, stars Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner and Jared Abrahamson.

Per Twitter, the most tweeted-about celebrities from Sundance, so far, are festival founder Robert Redford and Kristen Stewart, who co-stars with Sevigny in “Lizzie.”

Given the current climate in the entertainment industry, Sundance is expected to bring about as much discussion regarding the #MeToo movement as the films themselves, especially with Sundance hosting a Respect Rally on Saturday to honor the first anniversary of the Women’s March. Twitter is already buzzing with political and cultural commentary with the top tweeted moments involving womens’ representation at Sundance, the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp.