Solo: A Star Wars Story” has been set for release in China on the same day as in the U.S., giving the latest “Star Wars” installment a day-and-date opening in the world’s two biggest film markets.

According to Chinese movie website Douban, “Solo” will open in North America and mainland China on May 25, ten days after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The Chinese title refers to the maverick lead character as “Ranger Solo.”

Disney’s intergalactic franchise might be one of the biggest cinematic phenomena in history, but its reception in mainland China has been tepid. “The Force Awakens” (2016) grossed $124 million in the Middle Kingdom, but “Rogue One” (2017) took in just $69 million, despite having Chinese kung fu superstar Donnie Yen on board. “The Last Jedi” dropped to $42 million at the Chinese box office.

Chinese moviegoers do not seem to be impressed by the arrival of a new chapter. One wrote on Douban: “Two-star expectations only. Better safe than sorry.”