244 animated works coming from Ibero-American countries will compete at the 2nd edition of the Quirino Awards – as was announced Wednesday at Buenos Aires’ Ventana Sur, in an event hosted by Animation! and the Quirino Awards.
The event will take place on April 5 and 6, in Tenerife, the capital of Spain’s Canary Islands.
60 productions come from Spain, 49 from Brazil, 34 from México, 27 from Argentina, 19 from Colombia and 14 from Chile and Portugal. Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Peru each have four; Ecuador and Uruguay three; El Salvador, Paraguay and Venezuela two; and Bolivia one. Portugal, Mexico and Brazil are the countries with a most significant increase in nominations over last year’s numbers.
From that total, 18 are features, 96 short films, 42 student films, 39 commissioned films and 33 TV-series.
The 2nd Quirino Awards will also the presentation of the first ever Ibero-American Animation White Paper – an encyclopedia and updated tool made with the aim of better exploring the artistic and industry trends in the region, boosting the sector and promote new alliances. The writing of the White Paper is divided in two phases, with the first to be presented in Tenerife.
The White Paper’s key aim is to “make a comprehensive analysis of the Ibero-American animation industry, which is booming, with an increase in co-productions, though data from the whole sector is yet to be collected,” Quirino promoter José Luis Farias explained to Variety.
Industry lobbies such as Diboos, Egeda, Icex and  Welaw back the initiative, with further support being negotiated. Farias said the White Paper will be another step forward, encouraging cooperation and co-production among Ibero-American animation industries.
The inaugural Quirinos took place in April, where the event hosted a co-production forum and an animation conference. According to the organization, more than 300 animation professionals from 20 countries attended the event, and around 350 B2B co-production meetings were held.
The best feature award went to Carlos Carrera’s “Ana & Bruno” and best series went to “Tiniest Man in the World,” by Juan Pablo Zaramella, stop-motion master.
The Quirino awards are named after Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani (1896-1984), who made the first animated feature in history, “The Apostle,” in 1917. Cristiani was also the first director to create animation exclusively using cardboard cut-outs.