Ticketing service Fandango has found that Oscar watchers will be tuning into the Academy Awards with more interest than ever before, thanks to last year’s best picture envelope mix-up.

Fandango issued the survey Friday as sources indicated the last year’s best picture announcers Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are expected to be presenters again on Sunday’s show.

According to the Fandango survey of more than 1,000 Oscar-watching moviegoers, 71% say that last year’s envelope mix-up makes them more interested in watching this year’s Oscars and 65% plan to watch until the very end due to the uncertainty of what could happen during the best picture announcement.

“In a weird twist of fate, last year’s nightmarish best picture mix-up may turn out to be a good thing, driving tune-in for this Sunday’s ceremony,” Fandango’s Erik Davis said. “The possibility of another outrageous moment is a PR boon, as it encourages more viewers to watch till the very end to make sure nothing goes wrong this year. It might actually boost the show’s ratings.”

Dunaway, 77, and Beatty, 80, unintentionally gave viewers one of the most memorable Oscar nights ever in 2017 when Beatty took a look at the card, seemed to be unclear about what he saw, and handed the card to Dunaway, who saw the words “La La Land” and pronounced it best picture winner instead of “Moonlight.” Beatty and Dunaway had apparently been handed the best actress duplicate card that Emma Stone had won moments before for “La La Land.”

In a previous survey about Oscar contenders, Fandango found “The Shape of Water” was the favorite with 19% of the vote, followed by “Dunkirk” with 17% and “Get Out” with 16% of the vote, respectively. When asked about the impact of the Oscars on their moviegoing decisions, 87% said Oscar recognition makes them more interested in seeing the nominated pictures.