Netflix, Bambu Roll on Gabriela Tagliavini’s ‘A pesar de todo’

Netflix, Bambu Shoot Gabriela Tagliavini’s ‘A
Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Netflix has gone into production on its latest original movie in Spain, ‘A pesar de todo,’ staring Blanza Suárez, Macarena García, Amaia Salamanca and Belén Cuesta.

Directed by Argentine-born Gabriela Tagliavini the comedy returns Netflix to women character-driven narratives of other productions such as “The Cable Girls,” and links it once more to one of the Spanish production houses which arguably has best explored a woman’s world, Ramón Campos and Teresa Fernández-Valdés’s Bambu Producciones. the producers of “The Cable Girls, “Velvet” and “Velvet Collection.”

The four actresses play sisters embroiled in a mystery case sparked by the last wish of their dead mother. Before dying, the mother (Marisa Paredes) makes a video for each of her daughters which contain a series of revelations about a family secret which will turn their world upside down and set them off on a common journey which will help them rediscover each other and themselves.

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‘A pesar de todo’ initiated production on Thursday Oct 18, shooting on location in and around Madrid. Fernández-Valdés produces for Bambu Producciones.

Netflix described “A pesar de todo” in a press release Friday as a “zany  screwball comedy.”

The production reteams Bambu with Suarez, star of “The Cable Girls,” Netflix’s first original series in Spain. Salamanca starred in “Morocco- Love in Times of War” and “Grand Hotel,” two high-profile series produced by Bambú for Atresmedia. García and Cuesta took lead roles in “Holy Camp!,” a 2017 cult musical comedy.

“A pesar de todo” also marks the fourth collaboration between Netflix and Bambu, which announced in late September the new Netflix Spanish original series “Alta mar.” The U.S. streaming giant and Bambu are also partnering on “El crimen de Alcasser,’ a documentary series.

“It’s exciting to know that that our relationship with Netflix is only just beginning. Taking on this new project together, this time a feature film, is particularly motivating because it it allows us to explore new genres that to date we hadn’t shared,” Fernández-Valdés said a statement.

She added: “We couldn’t be happier with the powerful cast. The story is a very singular, unique comedy and Netflix has allowed us to defend it set up just as we had imagined.”

Tagliavini has carved out a career in Mexico and the U.S. plumbing the desires, frustrations, contradictions and occasional joys of women in such titles as 2003’s ‘Ladies Night” and 2011’s “Without Men” – starring Christian Slater and Eva Longoria. Last year her “How to Break Up With Your Douchebag” opened at number one at the Mexican box office.