Kesha dropped a new teaser trailer for her upcoming documentary “Rainbow: The Film” today. The behind-the-scenes doc, which is set to premiere on Apple Music Friday, arrives a year after the release of her Grammy-nominated album “Rainbow” and charts the singer’s cathartic process in making it: The singer has been embroiled in a legal battle with former collaborator Dr. Luke, whom she has accused of sexually assaulting her, for several years.

In the clip, Kesha appears clad in pink, finding her way through a “Stranger Things”-meets-“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”-style forest.

Her narration carries on throughout the video, as she reveals: “When I wrote ‘Rainbow,’ I was in a very dark place. I was alone. And I was scared. And I was in rehab for an eating disorder that had gotten wildly out of control.”

She shares how she was not allowed access to a keyboard, and her pleading that playing the keys “isn’t work” for her.

As Kesha pulls a keyboard out of a pool of water in the video, she says: “Finally, they agreed to give me a keyboard for one hour a day. I knew I had to change and learn to take care of and love myself. ‘Rainbow’ was the beginning.”

The video also features footage of Kesha and Ben Folds, who she sought to help arrange and produce. As she is working through lyrics with him, she explains: “I don’t want to be in the dark. But then this is saying, like what happened in the dark, what i realized–life is short.”

Kesha released the official trailer for “Rainbow: The Film” last month.