Jennifer Lawrence is emceeing the marquee event of the Unrig the System Summit, “Unrigged Live!,” a variety show which will also feature comedy performances by Tig Notaro and Nikki Glaser.

In her opening remarks, Lawrence told the audience, “We do not have to pick sides. It’s time to come together.”

“American taxpayers do not deserve to pay into a system that is rigged against them,” she continued. “F–k that!”

Put on by several political action groups like Represent.Us — of which Lawrence is a member of the board and creative council — End Citizens United, Demand Progress, and more, the Unrig the System Summit features three days of speakers who cover topics relating to ending corruption of the United States political process in New Orleans, La.

Saturday night’s “Unrigged Live!” is an inspiring evening of live music, stand-up comedy, and short speeches in a 1,800-seat historic New Orleans theater. The show is produced by Broadway’s Triptyk Studios, the production company that was on the producing teams of shows including “An American in Paris,” “Oh, Hello” and “Amelie.”

Speakers include Represent.Us director Josh Silver; Professor Richard Painter; comedians Tig Notaro, Nikki Glaser, and Adam Yenser; Our Revolution president Nina Turner; astronaut Ron Garan; activist Desmond Meade and more, with live music from honeyhoney, and New Orleans’ legendary Preservation All-Stars.

Saturday also included panels like “At Our Whit(ford)’s End With Gerrymandering?,” “Funding Reform: Trends and Challenges in 2018,” and “Unrigging Local Politics: What to Do and How to Do It.”

Watch the livestream of “Unrigged Live” below.