Eitan Mansuri’s Spiro Films, whose recent credits include Samuel Maoz’s “Foxtrot,” is set to produce “Here We Are,” the next film by Nir Bergman, the co-creator of “In Therapy” and one of Israel’s best known writer/directors.

Written by Dana Idisis, “Here We Are” is a family drama revolving around the relationship between a mentally challenged man in his early 20s, Guy, and his single father, Aharon. A devoted and protective father who put his career as an artist aside to care for his son but on the eve of his son’s going to a special-needs boarding school, Aharon decides to take Guy on a one-way journey away from their hometown. Escaping their respective lives, the pair embarks on an eventful trip across Israel, from Haifa to Bee’r Sheva, Eilat, Tel Aviv and small towns in between.

“The script is both delicate, powerful and it struck me as ‘Broken Wings’ did years ago when I read it,” said Mansuri. “The cross-country journey turns out to be a coming-of-age experience for both the father and son.”

The producer said Idisis’ “storytelling skills combined with Bergman’s directing talent make up the perfect match.” He added that the story of “Here We Are” is grounded in Israel but has universal appeal due to themes such as parenthood.

The project has been in development for three years and is expected to start shooting in the winter. It’s being backed by the Rabinovich Fund, the Yes satellite services and Gesher Multicultural Film Fund.

Bergman broke on the international scene with “Broken Wings,” which won awards at Berlin, Jerusalem, Tokyo and Palm Springs. His most recent credits include “Saving Neta”; Bergman also recently wrote episodes of the successful Israeli drama “Hostages.”

Mansuri’s slate of completed films includes Nimrod Eldar’s “The Day After I’m Gone,” a drama that had won the inaugural Sam Spiegel Alumni Fund for First Feature in 2015 and just won the Work in Progress award at Sarajevo.

Spiro Films’ roster of pics in development includes Yuval Adler’s “The Operative,” an espionage thriller that Bloom is shopping at the European Film Market. Diane Kruger and Eric Bana are in talks to star.