IFC Midnight is acquiring U.S. distribution rights to Emma Tammi’s supernatural Western “The Wind,” following its world premiere at Midnight Madness at the Toronto Film Festival.

The film is produced by Soapbox Films and Divide/Conquer. Tammi directed from a script by Teresa Sutherland in an exploration of domestic solitude, conjuring an indescribable spectre that seems to emanate from the abyss of the night itself. “The Wind” stars Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles, Ashley Zukerman, Dylan McTee, and Miles Anderson.

Jessica Kiang gave the film a positive review for Variety: “A convincingly feminist melding of western legend and cabin-in-the-woods horror, but not in the way one might initially think, ‘The Wind’ doesn’t seek to make infallible heroes of its women, but to understand and empathize with even their most unforgivable acts. And it’s a hugely promising debut in terms of Tammi’s steady, assured directorial craft.”

“Emma Tammi’s impressive debut into narrative filmmaking starring a break out performance from Caitlin Gerard packs the kind of fierce ingenuity we are continually searching for when we distribute films. We’re thrilled to bring such an intelligently crafted and distinct vision in the horror genre to audiences around the country,” said Jonathan Sehring and Lisa Schwartz, co-presidents of IFC Films/Sundance Selects.

Producers are Christopher Alender and David Viste. The deal was negotiated by IFC Midnight with ICM Partners/XYZ Films on behalf of the filmmakers.