U.K.-based Goldfinch has launched a new enterprise to fast-track work from first-time filmmakers, with plans to usher four to five movies into production a year under the First Flights banner.

Projects will be channeled through Goldfinch, which will provide production, distribution, technical and marketing expertise, with the films expected to be submitted to international film festivals.

Goldfinch Studios’ head of sales and distribution Andy Green, marketing and operations director Phil McKenzie and head of development Keith Kehoe will executive produce all First Flights films. A First Flights board will identify and greenlight qualifying projects and oversee the process of bringing each film to completion.

“As everyone knows, talent is a scarce and highly guarded resource within the industry, and anything we can do to incubate our own pipeline is a positive in my eyes,” said Goldfinch CEO Kirsty Bell. “At the same time, we are adding lower-budget, smart genre pictures to our production slate alongside our tentpole projects driven by experienced directors and cast.”

Goldfinch will also partner with renowned European indie production company Revolver Amsterdam to source the best directorial talent and projects across Europe and globally.

“The most difficult funding to find and quickly allocate is development finance and the most difficult thing to find and keep hold of is young directorial talent,” said Revolver CEO Raymond Der Kaaij. “In setting up this structure with Goldfinch, we will achieve both these things, and build a foundation to grow our partnership into other areas in the future, supporting daring voices and talented directors who want to tell international stories.”

Goldfinch Studios was born of the merger of London-based Goldfinch Entertainment and GSP Studios last year. It works across finance, production, studio facilities, post and VFX, and recently launched a subsidiary in Hong Kong, Goldfinch Neon.