Italian director Edoardo De Angelis (“Indivisible”) has started shooting “The Vice of Hope,” a drama involving a difficult birth set against the backdrop of child trafficking in Castel Volturno, an area outside Naples known for being the most lawless area in Italy.

De Angelis’ film “Indivisible,” about Neapolitan teenage conjoined-twin sisters with beautiful voices, made an international splash after launching from the Venice Film Festival and was a standout at last year’s David di Donatello awards, Italy’s equivalent of the Oscars, where it won five awards. In an interview with Variety, De Angelis said his new film tells “the story of somebody who is born in a context of extreme difficulty,” adding that he intends it to be emblematic of “all the ancestral elements tied to birth.”

Neapolitan actress Pina Turco, who plays Deborah wife of mobster Ciro “The Immortal” in TV series “Gomorrah,” has been cast as the protagonist of “Vice of Hope.” Turco will play Maria (pictured in exclusive image above), a down-and-out woman who works with child traffickers, taking kids sold to the mob by their mothers across a river to their destiny.

“At the start of the story she is in a disheartened condition, without needs or desires….She is immune to the vice of hope,” De Angelis said. “What happens is that she subsequently succumbs to it. And from then onwards everything changes.”

The film’s cast also includes Massimilano Rossi (“Indivisible,” “Gomorrah”), Cristina Donadio (“Gomorrah”), Marcello Romolo (“The Young Pope”) and Neapolitan stage and screen actress Marina Confalone.

There is also a female pit bull terrier that accompanies Maria in the film during her child-trafficking activities. De Angelis said he adopted the dog from a pound rather than finding one through “the regular movie casting channels,” and then had the dog work with a trainer and Turco for months because “I did not want the look of a trained movie dog.”

De Angelis wrote the screenplay with Umberto Contarello (“The Great Beauty,” “The Young Pope”), who is Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino’s regular writing partner. Contarello was De Angelis’ teacher at Rome’s Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia film school.

De Angelis is working with his regular cinematographer, Ferran Paredes Rubio. The film will require extensive VFX work in post-production.

As with “Indivisible,” the producers of “Vice of Hope” are Attilio De Razza and Pierpaolo Verga via their Tramp Limited and O’Groove shingles, in association with Medusa, which will release in Italy. No world sales company is yet on board.