Deadpool has picked his poison: Marvel’s smart-ass antihero is the new “creative director” of Espolòn tequila — and in a clever bit of meta-marketing, he’s taking a swipe at “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, who recently became the proud owner of a gin company.

Deadpool’s gig as a shill for Espolòn, a Mexican tequila brand distributed by Campari Group, was struck with 20th Century Fox to promote “Deadpool 2,” which hits theaters nationwide May 18. The first movie, released in 2016, is the biggest-grossing R-rated film ever with a $363 million domestic take.

“I needed the money,” Deadpool explained in a release provided by Campari Group.

Referring to Reynolds’ acquisition of Portland, Ore.-based Aviation Gin, Deadpool snarked, “there is absolutely no reason why that Canadian gobstopper is getting all the glory. I’m a legit superhero. He’s just some guy who’s famous thanks to those two girls and that pizza place.” (Deadpool has a history of making fun of Ryan Reynolds.)

Espolòn’s “Deadpool 2” campaign will include custom packaging, in-store displays, out-of-home ads and social-media activations. The promos are slated to begin running in late April. “We completely understand that Deadpool has no discernable skills as a creative director, but we have taken brave, bold chances with Espolòn marketing in the past, so what have we got to lose?” said Christine Moll, Campari America’s marketing director for tequilas and rums.

Deadpool’s official title for Espolòn tequila, for the record, is “Creative Director for Culture ‘n’ Stuff.”

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox also has a promotional deal with Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. for “Deadpool 2.” Under that partnership, the alcoholic-beverage company is releasing cans of Mike’s Harder with limited-edition “Deadpool 2” collectible packaging and slogans that will be available through June. In addition, Mike’s is staging pop-up experiences — recreations of Deadpool’s watering hole, Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls — at New York’s Alligator Lounge (April 26-28) and L.A.’s Slipper Clutch (May 10-12).

Fox released the final trailer for “Deadpool 2” on April 19. In the sequel, Reynolds’ Deadpool, a.k.a. “the Merc with a Mouth,” joins forces with Zazie Beetz’s Domino and T.J. Miller’s Weasel to defeat powerful villain Cable, played by Josh Brolin. Per Fox’s official synopsis, Deadpool/Wade Wilson “must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines” on his new journey.

Here’s one of the Deadpool ads for Espolòn: