#GoldOpens for everyone!

Supporters around the world banded together to buy out screenings of “Crazy Rich Asians” as part of the #GoldOpen campaign on social media, and now the rom-com blockbuster’s director, Jon M. Chu, and star, Henry Golding, are returning the favor for another upcoming film spotlighting Asian-Americans.

Chu and Golding showed their support for Aneesh Chaganty’s new thriller, “Searching,” Wednesday on social media by announcing they had each bought out a theater screening the film during its opening weekend. The film stars “Star Trek” alumnus John Cho as the father of a missing teenager, played by Michelle La.

“Me and @jonmchu were at the theatre surprising audience members, but had to stop off at a @johnthecho poster for @searchingmovie,” Golding posted on Instagram, along with a photo of him replicating the “Searching” poster. “We both decided to buy out a cinema when it comes out and spread the support we have been receiving for CRA #GoldOpen… Can’t wait to see it, coming soon!!”

“Crazy Rich Asians” and “Searching,” along with the new Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” have garnered attention for headlining Asian-Americans, in a trend many on the internet are calling #AsianAugust. As part of a push to ensure the films succeed financially, digital media mogul Bing Chen kicked off the #GoldOpen movement by purchasing more than 100 screenings of “Crazy Rich Asians,” spurring a chain reaction of support from Hollywood and elsewhere.

Now, it’s “Searching’s” turn, and director Chaganty shared his delight at Golding and Chu’s gesture by sharing a tweet from Chu and thanking them.

“@henrygolding and I are Excited to be Buying out a theater for #SearchingMovie starring our brother @JohnTheCho!!” Chu wrote. “Go see this film!! Fellow trojan @aneeshchaganty directed it. #GoldOpen #AsianAugust.”

“OH MY GOD,” Chaganty wrote in response. “The star and director of #CrazyRichAsians are buying out a theater this weekend for #SearchingMovie. Thank you guys. This is super super super awesome. #AsianAugust.”

“Searching” hits limited theaters Friday.